Shows coming up, Graf Orlock, Dangers, Ghostlimb

Hello internet morons, peep below for some shows coming up all over the place: 

May 23: Me and Alexis go see the Cure, not our show but tight anyway

May 27: Programme Skate shop fullerton: Graf Orlock, Dangers, Fissure, Deadbeat

June 3rd: Ghosti TBA

June 4th: Bonner House, North Hollywood: Ghostlimb, Rope, Asslife

June 8th: The Complex, Glendale: Graf Orlock w/ Rotten Sound

June 24: Perez Tire, LA: Graf Orlock, Doesn’t Matter, Our Place of Worship is Silence, Spit on your Grave

July 2nd: Union, LA Graf Orlock w OThers

July 9th: Underground Santa Ana: Graf Orlock, Death by Stereo (?!)

July 23-Aug 14: Graf Orlock Ghostlimb Euro Tour

rated HARD R


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Graf Orlock/Ghostlimb Euro Tour July 23-August 13 2016

Heading back to the imperial continent this summer, hoping to not get busted by border authorities or harassed by even more crypto-fascists than our beautiful country can muster. That being said, our brother from Bis Aufs Messer Records in Berlin and of Zann fame Robbi, will be coming with us and probably bringing a lot of distro. Below are the dates and what is going on as well as a memory of Fluff Fest 3 years ago and all of the people who unceremoniously got kicked in the face. Can’t wait to see you there! New Ghostlimb and Gorlock records will be with us. You can follow the event page HERE. 

23.07.2016 CZ – FLUFF FEST
24.07.2016 A – Vienna / venster 99
25.07.2016 HU – Budapest / Dürer Kert
26.07.2016 SLO – Koper confirmed
27.07.2016 I – Padova / Parco Le Brentelle
28.07.2016 I – Milano TBC
29.07.2016 GER – Munich / Kafe Kult
30.07.2016 GER – Darmstadt / Oettinger Villa
31.07.2016 GER Leipzig / Ajz Connewitz
01.08.2016 GER – Hamburg / Hafenklang
02.08.2016 GER – Kiel / Medusa
03.08.2016 DK – Kopenhagen / Underwerket
04.08.2016 GER – Berlin / Cassiopeia
05.08.2016 B – Antwerp / Music City
06.08.2016 UK – London / DIY space
07.08.2016 UK – Bristol / Exchange X
08.08.2016 UK – Norwich / Gringos Mexican Bar
09.08.2016 UK – Manchester / Aatma (formerly Kraak)
10.08.2016 UK – Brighton / Prince Albert
11.08.2016 NL – Njimegen / Ondebroek
12.08.2016 GER – Münster / Zentrale
13.08.2016 B – Ieperfest